Rose n Bowl Footage 2009

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Just came across this snippet of the action from the Rose n Bowl last month. If you weren’t there this year you can see you missed out, make it next time!

World Gravy Wrestling Championships 2009


The Day Job

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Troopers, aven’t been writing for a while cos i’ve been overwhelmed by work, the day to day kind rather than the gravy sloshin kind unfortunately. Me passion don’t put food on’t table so i have to keep my fingers in other pies as well, gravy covered pies of course! By day i spend me time shiftin all sorts around at local factory – mattresses, tables, sinks – owt you can think of, i shift it. It’s pretty good cos it lets me keep in shape and gives me plenty of time to train outside of it in my battle to become Gravy Wrestling Champion of the World.

People often ask me how i manage to keep in such great shape and it’s a combination of all this lifting at work and more specific training every night afterwards. A lot of the time this means filling me bath with gravy and doing sit ups and press ups in it. Professional coaches will tell you that you need to train in an environment relevant to your competition – what better than a bath of gravy! And it smells delish!

It’s been great getting back in to training after the ankle injury and i’ve just got back to full, no holds barred training. Should be ready for the upcoming Europeans in Barcelona. Keep reading and you’ll hopefully hear the reports of a fantastic victory!

The Gravy Girls…

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Some people have spoke to me about the recent posts and asked why i haven’t reported on any of the action in the female category from the Gravy Wrestling World Champs. It’s true that there were a female competition running alongside the lads but it’s always been the belief amongst people inside the sport that this is merely a support act for the main event. You wouldn’t write an article on the cheerleaders’ performance at a rugby match now would ya?

The girls are always fun to watch (for obvious reasons!), but to suggest they’re in the same league as the fellas in sporting terms is beyond silly. They haven’t been doin it for half as long and the quality on display is nowhere near the same level. If i wanted to watch a lower level I’d watch the nippers practising in the yard.

So well done Mrs Christmas, you were entertaining for sure, but you’ll only ever be part of the support act. It’s Bisto Boys not Gravy Girls!

Stone Cold Steve Bisto: World Gravy Wrestling Champion 2009

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When the classic gravy wrestling anthem rang out i knew it was gonna be a special day. “In the Gravy” by The Village People always gets my blood racing, and at the Rose and Bowl on Monday it was pumping harder than ever.

I was gutted not to be involved and the frustration of watching from the sidelines was gut wrenching, but the talent on show was top class and has only built me passion to be ready for the European Champs. The weather stayed bright for the day but still cool, perfect conditions for a roll around in the gravy pot.

It started off with an exhibition fight featuring two old pros, Rowdy Paddy Piper and Mr Batman, and they really showed the crowd how the sport used to be fought. I still love it but it has undoubtedly got softer as (some of) the new boys feign injury and con the referee so they can get into a better fighting position or escape from tight corners. Eddy Wardo is one of the worst and it’s getting ridiculous.

Mad Dog continued his fine form from last year but showed signs of fatigue after a long season on the gravy train. He still managed to battle all the way to the final though, seeing off Dr Death on the way who was touted as the best newcomer in the field and a favourite for the title.

But that was as far as he went, taken down at the final hurdle by one of the old firm in the form of Stone Cold Steve Bisto. Stone Cold’s form has fluctuated this year but he saved his best for the big occasion and came out on top in a fight straight out of the top drawer.

I’m now looking forward to the European’s that are coming up and should be fit and ready by the time they come around, though it looks like i’ll have my work cut out if these two boys stay in this kind of form.

Mother Nature

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As the World Champs creep ever closer all the contestants will be looking at the skies to see what the weather will do on Monday. A gravy wrestler’s worst nightmare is rain on fight day, it messes up the consistency in the ring and means every move you pull risks a very dangerous outcome. I hear these racing drivers complaining about driving in the rain, but they don’t know the half of it until they’ve been in the gravy pot during a downpour. They’re all tucked up inside their snug cockpits while we’re out there feeling every drop where one slip could result in life threatening injuries.

The weather will play a big part in who comes out victorious as well. Many of the fighters who don’t have a chance in dry conditions will be praying for the heavens to open as it always creates the chance of an upset. Some of the fighters will even class themselves as wet weather specialists, they know how to cope better when the gravy gets a bit looser and less predictable and will be in with a chance if the conditions go their way.

I’ve never been a fan of the rain, i prefer a pure fight where the best rise to the top. Bad conditions often result in winners who i’d class as the ones that should be the bits floating around at the bottom of the jug.

The Gravy Diet

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I grew up on the brown stuff, in the ring and in my mouth. And i love it. But you can’t slurp on Bisto all day, every day and expect to be a top athlete. Just like the best footballers, athletes and black pudding throwers we need to get the right mix of carbs, vitamins and  protein. Gravy gives you all these things in buckets of course, but it’s still not enough.

So, whilst i do chomp on the meat and two veg at least once a day, i need to make sure that the diet stays balanced around that too. This means i often have a bacon or sausage balm for brekkie to get plenty of protein and a portion of potatoes with me tea every night (i’m especially partial to a good mash) to fill up on the carbs. This all gives me the energy i need to train hard every day and become the best gravy wrestler the world has ever seen.

The Opposition

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Ever since i decided to make the comeback i’ve been keeping a close eye on the other wrestlers out there. These days it’s hard to get close to your competitors cos everyone’s so competitive and they keep theirselves to theirselves. When i was last involved in the sport 10 year ago (am i too old for this malarkey?) it used to be everyone together, in the gravy ring and outside of it.

‘Mad Dog’ is the man to beat from last year, but i don’t think there’s any risk of him keeping title. There’s an unbelievable amount of young talent coming through in the sport and i’m dead sure it’ll be one of them that wins it next week.  ‘Army and Navy’ could be the best bet i think. He’s a southern fairy but he’s got one of the best trainer’s in the business (my old pal Barry T) and knows all the old tricks. It’ll be strange cos i used to brawl with Barry so to see him outside the ring while i’m still browning up will seem wrong somehow. Maybe i’m over the hill too…